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About TheraSmart

What is TheraSmart?
TheraSmart is an online practice management system that is created for practitioners to save time and make running their business easier. It is simple to use, flexible and powerful.
Why was TheraSmart created?

Antoinette Biehlmeier is an accredited complementary health practitioner with over 18 years of experience in a variety of complementary therapies including Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Nutripuncture, Energy and Information Field Medicine. Having founded her own wellness consulting company and then partnering a holistic therapy center in Singapore, she has worked closely with many therapists.

Antoinette recognized that there was no system in the market that offered a simple all-in-one solution. Struggling with admin work and complicated systems, she decided to create her own. Something that would help therapists like her, who have more than a transactional relationship with clients.

What does the TheraSmart system offer?

The system focuses on the five key areas to help you save time and make life easier. It has been created using a SMART framework:

S - Scheduling and booking
M - Marketing and branding
A - Accounts and billing
R - Resource library
T - Total filing

Why is it different than other booking and management systems already available?
TheraSmart was created to streamline daily tasks, cutting down on time-consuming admin work by integrating online bookings, invoicing, filing, client management and marketing on a single platform.
How is TheraSmart going to help me?

Its simple programming and effective information storage allows for easy access anytime, anywhere to run your business more effectively. Its simplicity enables you to spend more time with your clients instead of dealing with paperwork or a complicated management system.

Easy scheduling enables you to manage your time efficiently, and the reporting systems assist you in assessing how your business is doing. Additionally, TheraSmart offers you a personalized landing page for marketing to boost your business. With the click of one button, you can share invoices, recommendations and action plans with your clients, or even links to great videos or books for them to read. Using it, you will appreciate the ease and speed in handling back-office work: no more switching between systems, all in one place, and your clients know where they can find anything related to their work with you.


What are the different plans that you offer?

Currently, we offer a one-month free trial and a monthly payment option. You can opt-in for an automatic monthly payment. This option can be canceled at any time.

Is everything included in the monthly fee - are there any additional set-up costs involved?

There are no set up costs, even data migration is free. Updates are free too.

Do I need any special computers or equipment to set it up?

No, it is all easily accessed from your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone. It is easy to set-up. If you get stuck, there are help videos and instructions available in each section, and we offer technical support via email if required.

Do I need special training before I use TheraSmart?

TheraSmart has been designed to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible - many users are self-taught without a manual, and it is very user-friendly for even the most technologically challenged! Don't worry, the help section is very straightforward, and we are only an email away to help with any questions.

How quickly can TheraSmart be set up by me?

It takes around 30 minutes for the system to be set up and ready to use. The basic registration can be done in less than 3 minutes.

Do I have to input all the information manually in the initial set-up?

Yes, you will need to enter information manually, but once this is done, you don’t need to do it again as it is all backed up. In case you would like to transfer your data from another platform, please contact our technical staff at Data migration is free.

Do I need an Internet connection to run TheraSmart?


What happens if my connection goes down - can I still access information from the system?

It is an online system and therefore requires Internet access (or 4G if accessing from your hand phone).

Can I access TheraSmart from anywhere on any computer or tablet?

Yes, as it is all online and as long as you have an internet connection you will be able to use the management system on any mobile device or computer.

I am not very computer literate so will I find it difficult to use?

Its logical layout and processes make TheraSmart easy to understand. We strived to have a balance between simplicity and functionality.

What support do I get from TheraSmart?

Once registered, you will find useful material in the Help sections, in case you get stuck. You also have access to our technical support team available during office hours to help you with any questions you may have, email


Is my TheraSmart account backed?

Yes, it is all stored in a database and on a backup server, so data can be retrieved if needed.

What do I do if I accidentally delete critical information from TheraSmart - can the data be restored?

In certain circumstances, we may be able to restore deleted data, though we are unable to make any promises. You can contact our TheraSmart Tech Team at to discuss your problem. Please kindly note that this service may incur additional charges and will be clearly communicated before commencement. To be safe, we strongly advise that you do not share your password with others and log out when you are not using the system.

How safe is all the data that I will store with TheraSmart?

Your client data is accessible only to you. Crucial client information is encrypted to ensure confidentiality.

How safe is the personal data stored with TheraSmart?

It is very safe. All personal data is stored securely on our server and information such as name, phone number and email address are encrypted. Our TheraSmart staff does not have access to personal confidential data, and any requested access to sensitive data needs to go through an approval process. Click HERE to view our terms and conditions.

Do I have to remember to log off after use?

The system will automatically log you off after a particular time. However, for security reasons, we do recommend you to log off when you don’t need the system anymore.

Can I simultaneously log in to my TheraSmart account on two different devices?

Yes, for example, you can be logged into TheraSmart on your computer and mobile device. However, you will still be prompted for your username and password.

Can I get notifications for new bookings?

Yes, the system will send you an alert each time an online booking, changes to appointments or cancellations are made so you can keep on top of your schedule more efficiently. Your clients will receive similar notifications.

How will my clients benefit from the TheraSmart system?

This system was not only created to make the therapist's life more comfortable but also the client’s. With the help of their therapist, clients can register for a TheraSmart client account to make booking arrangements online. They can access their invoices, prescriptions, recommendations, action plans, appointment history and even personalized information including links to videos, books or websites you may have explicitly posted for them. We provide a space to upload your blog post links so you can stay connected easily.

How does this system help with marketing?

In the competitive world, we live in we want to give you the edge with some simple marketing tools that will help you to boost business. When your clients login to your TheraSmart landing page they will see your logo and your available services. Up to 3 revolving images on your landing page can be used to advertise promotions, events, or any other important information. It also provides the option to send customized birthday and anniversary greetings to clients to add that personal touch.

Where is your team located?

Our core team is based in Singapore. Other dedicated team members work remotely in other parts of the world.

What are your support hours?

Our technical support hours are from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm (GMT +8). Some of our TheraSmart Staff work remotely and will be able to cover other time zones; you can email or to for help and feedback.

Is TheraSmart available in any part of the world?

TheraSmart has its roots in Singapore, but it is available internationally. We are soon starting to work on translations into other languages - so tell your contacts about us!

How do I reset/change the password to my account?

You can log in to the system and change your password in the Profile settings. If you have forgotten your password, you can get self-assisted support from the forgot password link on the login page.

My client didn’t receive the invitation email for the TheraSmart Client Portal.

You can resend the invitation from your ‘My Clients’ Dashboard.

How do I terminate my account?

We'd hate to see you go, but if you have to, do drop us an email on and notify us that you would like to terminate your account to the end of a billing cycle and we will get to it. In case you change your mind, we will keep your data safe for three months before deleting it from our server.

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