• Posted by Antoinette on December 17, 2020

A good friend sent me a letter, which I thought was fitting for our theme this week. With her permission, I’m now sharing this letter with all of you. May it be a reminder of how precious life is and how we can be more appreciative of it.


Dear Antoinette,

I hope you are well. I’ve known you for quite a while now, and I’ve always appreciated your words of encouragement. The past month has been very tough on my family. Perhaps, I’m writing so my story can be heard by people who can truly understand me.

Three weeks ago, we bought a puppy. We are finally ready, and we prepared so much. The moment the puppy came, excitement filled the air, but that didn’t last. We noticed our puppy was incessantly scratching, followed by a bout of diarrhea with bloody mucus. Within one hour of the pup arriving, I rushed her to the vet hospital for emergency care. It turned out, the dog had severe scabies.

The next two weeks were challenging. The pup couldn’t walk around the house because of scabies. We can only take her out for potty training and bring her inside. Of course, she also didn’t like having to take all the medicines as well as the ones we rubbed on her skin. Despite all of that, we were hopeful that she would recover in two months’ time.

After the two weeks, she had her scheduled shots. The next few days, she was lethargic and then started having head tremors or head ticking. I took her to the vet again and we ran a full test and saw she had severe anemia, ascites, and an ear infection. The next day, her head tremors were non-stop and they now looked more like seizures. Had to rush her again to the hospital.

There, she was tested for distemper, and she came out positive. I then realized that the seller also lied about giving her the first shots because the virus hit her so hard. Her seizures weren’t stopping and nerve damage is irreversible. That’s when we made the decision of putting her down.

Three days after her death, I am still gutted and heartbroken. I poured my heart and soul caring for her and had full hopes for her recovery. She was barely three months old, and she suffered so much. I find a bit of comfort knowing she is now peacefully resting and wishing she is playing and running freely somewhere. We buried her in our yard so she’s always close to us.

We can go on and on about the irresponsible seller and the puppy mill he is running and how we fell victim to that. But, I also believe we got this pup for a reason. And maybe, it was her fate and ours to be together for a short time.

I’ve learned so much about myself the past few days – that I was capable of this kind of love and how precious life is. That my heart still has plenty of room to give and share the love. That I was capable of focusing on the positive, staying hopeful without a doubt. That money will never make me happier, it is living life and our relationships that matter. It amazes me how this experience reminded me of my lack of focus on important matters and brought it back in a snap.

It really helped me to thank her and tell her that while putting flowers on her grave. I thanked her for the time she spent with us. For her will to fight any pain and suffering just to put a smile on our faces. How she tried to run and “sit” even if she easily got tired every time. I thanked her for fighting with us, she was young, but she was tough until the end. She definitely left her paw prints in my heart.   

For us, it was just three weeks of spending time with Lulu. For her, it was her life. 

Thank you for listening Antoinette, and may you have a meaningful Christmas this year as I have.

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