• Posted by Antoinette on December 17, 2020

Life surprises us in so many ways. Sometimes, we take one step forward and then take two steps back. Life is unpredictable. For many, this unpredictability is wonderful. For others, it’s a cause of anxiety. 

In life, we have to be prepared to accept the good and the bad. It is what it is. However, that’s not always the case, is it? Often, we fill our days focused on what we need to get done or worry about tomorrow. We have to be reminded to pause once in a while.

When was the last time you took a nature walk or went camping to be closer to nature? When did you turn to nature to heal you? Truth is, we take nature for granted, and it’s about time we stop. This coming year, let’s make it a point to appreciate nature more and find ways to create that lasting connection. Here’s how:

  • Become More Aware

Out of sight, out of mind. If we don’t see nature anywhere near where we live (especially people who live in densely populated areas like high-rise condominiums next to each other), it’s harder for us to be aware of it. This is why we have to be more mindful and use our senses to connect with the environment.

We don’t have to camp in a forest; a brief walk in the community or town garden will suffice. Smell the plants, feel the breeze, hear the wind whistle, and see the beauty in front of us — let’s make it a conscious effort to be more aware.

  • Understand Our Role

The more we put effort into understanding the role we play in keeping our environment healthy, the more changes we can initiate. The lack of awareness can lead us into believing that nature can survive and thrive on its own. However, what we fail to realize is we play a role in allowing that to happen. There are times when Mother Earth needs our help and we should be ready to lend a hand. And there are times when we need to let it heal itself without us interfering.

  • Connect More

How connected are we to nature? Every day, we log in to social media networks, checking any updates on the connections we made. We value these connections, even though some are artificial at best. So why can’t we rediscover our connection with nature? It’s real; it has always been with us, and it never fails us.

There are different ways to reconnect with nature and at the end of the day, our goal is to actively appreciate it. When the Amazon burned in 2019, that’s only when the world knew how serious the illegal logging problem was in the Amazon. That’s when we became concerned about how it affects our quality of life and the biodiversity of animals in the world. That doesn’t need to happen again for us to be more appreciative of what we have now.

Mindfulness is key to appreciating nature. Let’s learn how to drown out the everyday noise and nurture our connection with nature as much as we can. There are many benefits of being surrounded by nature. It can make us happier and healthier. Let’s not neglect this relationship and instead, let’s be more aware of the role we play in helping nature thrive for many centuries to come. 

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