• Posted by Antoinette on December 11, 2020

There is still an ongoing debate on whether to post your rates on your website or not. Some people believe that posting rates is a bad move, while there are those who think otherwise. Before you decide what to do, check out the factors to consider first.


Why Not Post Your Rate?

People who believe that you shouldn’t post your rate on the website may argue that you are creating opportunities to talk to a potential client. Without any rate on the website, clients will be encouraged to reach out to you and inquire. This is a chance for you to share your rate and explain the value of your service.

Further, even if you make a client search for your rate on your website, this is still helpful. A potential client can go through several pages and get to know you as a practitioner as well as the services you offer. Potential clients will not easily dismiss your services based on rate alone.


Why Post Your Rate?

That simple argument already suffices for many business owners. It makes sense. The truth is, when you post your rate on your website, there is a good chance that potential clients can immediately make a decision to seek your services or not based on your rate. When people see your price and find it too high, they’ll easily look for someone else.

The big problem here is the absence of value. Practitioners who don’t post rates may believe that it robs them of offering the value behind the rate. You won’t have a chance to explain to a potential client why your rate is such, and your service value is judged based on the numbers. Because of this, there’s a good chance that you will lose clients you will never get to talk to and share what you have to offer.

While valid, this argument forgets an important point — you are only focusing on the bargain hunters or price shoppers. Right now, you might want to ask yourself if these are the types of clients you’ll want to work with — people who prefer lower prices over value services. To add to that, there are several benefits to posting rates that you should consider. These are:

  • Time-Saving – You instantly get to weed out the bargain hunters from your list of potential clients. Seeking therapy services is about what a practitioner can bring to the table. Your expertise and skills shouldn’t be judged based on a price point alone. Go for clients who are willing to pay you the rate you deserve.
  • Integrity – Price transparency may show potential clients your integrity. When you post your rate, you believe this is the rate that your services are worth. And regardless if it attracts clients or not or if it’s a clincher for some people, you will stick to your rate.
  • Adjusting to Budgets – Have you ever come across a sales agent who would ask you what your budget is so he can work around that budget? Well, the problem with that is the conversation becomes more of a sales pitch because you’re being sold into a product or service that fits your budget only as opposed to having an honest conversation about the value of the service. If you don’t post your rates, potential clients may think there is wiggle room to haggle with you. And then, price becomes a priority instead of the service value.


Show Your Value

Whether you decide to post your rate on your website or not, it is vital to remember that you should do your best to show your value to anyone who visits your website. Highlight your expertise and skills through your content. Share your successes and build your credibility. Express your unique value so that even if your rate is higher than others, your brand will speak for your service value. Soon, potential clients will be sold on your brand, and pricing will be a non-issue.

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