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If you find yourself needing to create a PowerPoint presentation for your audience, worry not. You can now make a more well-rounded presentation that your audience will remember. You don’t need to be a Powerpoint guru to make great presentations. Just learn the tricks in the book and continue improving.

What Are the Elements of a Good PowerPoint Presentation?

A good presentation must have these, according to Hubspot:

  • Great design
  • Actionable takeaways
  • Memorable advice

All these elements should work together to share a story. Formatting, slide transitions, and how presentations are made interactive all help in making awesome PowerPoint presentations.

4 Valuable Tips on Creating PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Focus on the message

When people hear about PowerPoint presentation designs, they immediately think that they need to add as many design elements as they can. Well, you shouldn’t. While it is essential to have a good design, your design must not distract your audience from capturing the essence of the presentation.

Keep your design simple. Less is more. Focus on a theme that you believe resonates with your message. Picking a motif of two to three complementary colors is good. Keep colors toned down and muted – the text should be the highlight of each slide.

Remember, the point of your presentation slides are the messages you share. The design is merely a support element; keep it that way.

  1. Minimal text

Now when we talk about focusing on the message, this doesn’t mean you should pack the slides with text. Think of your slides as a list of all the key points you’d want your audience to remember.

Keep the text minimal. Use it as a guide for the ideas you want to explore with the audience. After all, you’d want your audience to hear what you have to say and not just read through your presentation.

  1. More visual content

powerpoint presentation

With a supportive design and text at a minimum, you can now put visual content at the forefront of your PowerPoint presentation. Not only do many people prefer visual aids over text, they also bring your presentation to life. These elements help grab and retain the attention of your audience. In doing so, the audience retains, understands, and uses the information you’ve shared with them.

What are the most helpful visual aids right now?

  • Templates – Using templates helps reduce the legwork for you. These are already designed with a theme in mind, so you just have to pick a relevant one for your presentation. Tip: Pick one that is not commonly used so it will be unique for your brand. You might even get your templates customized if needed. Try Prezi. Venngage, and Canva for customizable templates.
  • Charts and graphs – People like seeing charts and graphs because it’s easier to understand, especially when you’re sharing statistics or data. It’s also more visually appealing compared to writing out the data in bullet format. Charts and graphs are eye magnets and can keep the audience engaged.
  • Fonts – The fonts you use should be clear, readable, and have the right size. Some people use grandiose fonts, thinking it can spice up the presentation slides when the opposite happens. Fonts can easily distract the audience from the message. If it’s too small or too big, that can be distracting, too. Don’t let the audience figure out the text. Make it clear for them to read on the first pass. Sans Serif fonts are always a huge favorite in PowerPoint presentations.
  • Colors – Colors can influence thoughts and emotions, which is why marketers spend time deciding on what colors to use for their ads. Coschedule has a guide on color psychology that can help you decide your colors (tones, hues, blend) strategically.
  • Photos – Only use high-quality images. Pick high-resolution images so they still look detailed and clear when presented on a big screen.
  1. Add Multimedia

Apart from the visual content, your audience will also appreciate diversity in the assets you provide in your presentation. One of the best ways to keep them engaged is to add music or videos to your presentation. Multimedia can also help you explain a difficult concept. These elements are always welcomed.

Now, you’re on your way to making better PowerPoint presentations. Keep these tips in mind for the next you create one. Hopefully, you can put these tips into action and see the improvement in your creations from one presentation to the next!

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