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“It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different.” – John Templeton

It’s the last month of the year, and it’s about time we think of new ways to grow and improve our practice as we enter 2021. In our profession, there is a culture most of us, practitioners, follow. It’s the tried and tested path to business growth,  yet other paths that are just as effective also exist. To get to them, we need to take our time and try to think out of the box as we plan our moves for the upcoming year.


How Thinking Out Of the Box Helps

Many businesses tend to gravitate towards the traditional path to growth, and with good reason.  And often, this is enough reason for many to walk this road.

Given the times we are in now, however, many businesses are forced to think outside the box to adapt to the challenges the past year has brought. Additionally, finding new ways to run a business, as long as they are sound, has positive effects. Here are some benefits to treading the road less traveled[1].

Develop Broader Perspectives

Thinking out of the box, we will have the ability to see past what the usual notion is. In any business action or decision we take, consider more than one perspective, even if one of those perspectives is the status quo.

A closed mind will simply put more stress and anxiety on us if that single solution, which we may believe is the only solution, does not end up working. Opening up to new perspectives helps us see the unusual yet effective solutions that we may miss if we stick with “the usual.”

Develop Better Working Habits 

Walking the road less traveled, we can develop better working habits such as good problem solving and becoming more efficient workers. With a new path, we may find solutions that can ease up our workload. It helps increase efficiency without sacrificing the quality of our work.

Gain Individuality

Thinking outside the box helps us gain individuality. Since what we may do is different from what others are doing, it helps us stand out among our colleagues. Apart from being recognized in our line of work, it also helps in the marketing aspect of our businesses.

If we set ourselves apart with unique yet effective services and solutions, many potential clients will easily remember us and can become interested in working with us.

Improve Adaptability

We also find creative ways in adapting to time and to the many challenges that we may face. We can think of ingenious ways of handling challenges that range from a small office problem to a worldwide pandemic. This is a useful skill to have if we want a business that will last.


Developing a Different Business Perspective

out of the box

Shifting our perspective and taking the first step to try out something new in handling our business can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to develop a new way of thinking in a short amount of time.

1. See Past “The Usual”

The reputation of the status quo is backed by time. The status quo, however, may sometimes be erroneous or inefficient, and this is something we discover as we and the world progress. The caveat here is: since it has endured the test of time, and because many believe this is the most effective way, it is hard to look for and trust in an alternative.

If we open up our minds and seek alternative paths, we can move past this blockade and find a way around it. Try to see past the usual as we may find a better way of working compared to what’s already laid out in front of us [2].

2. Considering the Opposite 

When looking for a new perspective apart from the status quo, it is easy to gravitate towards a path that shares similarities with “the usual.” Doing so may limit our viewpoints.

There are times when doing the exact opposite is the right answer. In formulating a unique plan, we should remember to consider the opposite of “the usual” to make sure we can cover all bases[3].

3. Consider Other Points Of Views

Finding a unique way to run a business is a tough mountain to climb, especially if you’re trying to do it alone. As individuals, we have a limited point of view in some matters, and every person’s perspective will vary since our backgrounds are all different.

Given each person’s individuality, it is a good idea to ask for their input in certain matters. They may come up with solutions we may have overlooked. Running a business in a new direction is a group effort, even during the planning stage[2].


Unique Business Practices for Therapists

Our practice involves therapy sessions and consultations in an office space, but what other services can we introduce to stand out? What other ways of running our business can we explore to adapt? Here are some strategies you can consider.

1. Conducting Classes For Meditation

Apart from helping our clients work their way to solving their problems through one-on-one counseling, we can offer other services that can help them out, such as meditation. These classes may help supplement the sessions we have with our current clients, or we can offer them to potential clients as a means to introduce them to our services[4].

2. Outdoor Therapy Sessions

While we make a point to keep our therapy spaces comforting to our clients, it may still feel cramped and crowded sometimes. Given this, be open to expanding your services and try to offer therapy sessions outside of the office. To the right type of client, outdoor walking sessions may reap more positive results than staying in our offices[5].

3. Retail

Our line of work and business offer services to our clients. We are not limited to this, and we can also offer physical products related to our practice. We can partner with other practitioners or brands and earn income on affiliate sales.

Changing what we are used to may need some effort. However, it is not impossible to do. In these trying times, let’s find inventive ways of handling our business; creative thinking can help in the long run.

The year 2021 will offer a fresh start for us after a tough year. Let’s use this opportunity to reflect and think of fresh, new ways of offering our services and running our business.



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