• Posted by Sandra and Wade on September 17, 2020

What would it be like to be born into a world where your uniqueness is acknowledged and celebrated? Where we each respect our own life force and that of everyone? And where we understand that all of us have a part to play in the evolution of the totality?

The Human Design System is a way to decode human genetic information. It is not a belief system. It is a self-verification and an empirical way to explore who we are and to live our authentic self.

Since 1781, we have evolved into a 9-energy-centre being and the focus has shifted from surviving to experiencing what life has to offer. Being strategic now only works for a small portion of the population, while the rest of the people are missing out on the evolutionary benefits of the future genetics that they carry.

Those of us born with future genes do not function well when we are confined to the strategies the old structures demand. This means we are forced to navigate with strategy rather than aligning with life force and flow and following the wisdom of our bodies. We see this with the homogenization in education, which generally has the same model.

Many children suffer from this as they learn very differently. They are diagnosed as dysfunctional, difficult, or not intelligent. Take a look around today and you can clearly see these old structures are crumbling and failing. This will continue to happen as we come to the end of the age we’ve been living in.

Raising children using the Human Design System helps us to protect them from conditioning forces. It teaches us how to honour them and their unique design. Children already know what is correct for them or have an absolutely reliable internal mechanism for that discovery. It is our current mainstream beliefs and systems that pull them away from their inner wisdom.

Inside each of us, there is a dual consciousness, our Design and our Personality. Our Design or our body is stable and knows what is correct for us. The Personality or the Mind is not stable, prone to outside influences and as the Passenger Consciousness, it is here to observe and to share what we see.

Unlike what we have been taught, the Mind is not reliable in the decision-making process. Its role is to measure, weigh, and balance, while it is the Body’s role to ultimately make the decision. Research supports this mechanic, that before we are consciously aware, we have already made a choice. When we allow the Mind to override the wisdom of the Body, we are stepping off our path. We are distorting our perception, therefore pulling us out of our true cognition, natural alignment, and health.

Our unique design is based on our genes and the planetary imprints that are derived from two reference points in time, Personality/Mind at birth and Design/Body approximately 88 days prior to that. This astrological information, along with the corresponding I Ching, Kabbalah, and Chakra system, creates the Human Design Bodygraph.

We can see 13 planetary imprints, 9 energy centres, 36 channels, 64 gates, and 6 lines. Our uniqueness comes from what is activated at those two times in our life. The centres that are not activated are where we are open to conditioning, planetary transits, and other people’s defined energy.

However equally important, these are the areas where we are gaining wisdom from our experiences interacting in the world through relationships. This is why getting in touch with our body’s inner authority is essential to living our authentic life and making available our valuable contribution to the world.




Sandra Shih is a 1/3 Manifesting Generator testing the structures of the old paradigm to see what is of value to carry into the future. She is building solid foundations through weaving together diverse elements and guiding others to do the same as we all move into living more authentically and uniquely as ourselves. Visit: Sandra Shih

Wade Pajares is a 2/4 Emotionally Defined Manifesting Generator who continues to explore living his own design and truth. He does not pretend to have all the answers though he has discovered a few insights on his journey. He’s happy to share his unique perspective and as part of the Quarter of Initiation, he is lit up by helping other people discover their inner authority and deepen their own wisdom. He is also a father who has witnessed the value of Human Design in raising a child. For him, it is an essential aspect of preparing a child for the world we live in. Visit: Oceanwave Human Design

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