“Instagram isn’t slowing down anytime soon.” – Shannon Goodell, Social Media Manager of DigitalMarketer

One popular social networking site that many digital marketers consider as a “holy grail” is Instagram. There are reasons as to why businesses and personalities turn to Instagram to advertise their services. Here are the benefits of using Instagram to market your practice.

1. Lets you expand your reach.

Currently, Instagram is an extremely popular social networking platform that people use. About 1 billion people use this platform, so the potential to extend your reach through this platform is great. (1)

Similar to its sister website Facebook, businesses can also make their pages on Instagram. They have different features compared to the personal profiles found on the site as business profiles have access to analytics and more marketing-driven features.

These business profiles are easily searchable from the platform’s search bar as you can get a custom username or “Instagram handle.” What’s more, you can come up with unique “hashtags” for your brand or use populated ones for more visibility.

Apart from these tools that can help grow your audience organically, Instagram also offers tools that help you advertise more effectively for a fee.

2. Has a great targeting and retargeting feature

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Instagram currently has one of the most comprehensive targeting and retargeting features among widely used social networking platforms. If you want to opt for their paid marketing services, you can define the characteristics of the potential audience you want to appeal to. These include location, demographics, user behaviour on the platform, their interests based on behaviour, and similar audiences (2). All of these can be manually set.

Apart from this, Instagram’s advertising platform also offers automatic targeting. The site has an algorithm in place to help you grow your audience through this tool when you’re just starting out.

3. Relies on visual marketing

Unlike most social media sites, the striking focal point of your Instagram ad is the visuals, so be as creative as you can be with it. While the written aspect also helps, the aspect of your ad that will grab the most attention is the images or videos. This applies to both the Instagram feed and your Instagram stories.

You can utilise this aspect of Instagram marketing in many different ways. For one, you can establish the look of your brand by streamlining your Instagram profiles with themes.

Additionally, with photos and videos, you can tell a more engaging story that will attract potential customers. Instagram profiles are searchable, so you can optimise it and curate it according to how you want your business to be perceived.

4. Lets you know more about your audience

Business profiles on Instagram have access to an insights page. There, you will be able to get to know more about the people who follow you and who interact with your posts. This is a powerful tool since you’ll have all of the data you need to optimise the targeting of your next ad campaign. It also lets you test and assess what types of posts work well and which don’t.

To access the insights, go to your business profile, and open the menu. From there, choose insights. This will give you a list of your posts. Choose the one which you want to see the insights of. This goes for both profile posts and Instagram stories (3).

Why Utilise Instagram to Market Your Practice?

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Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, and this number continues to grow to this day. Half of this, about 500 million users, regularly check the Instagram Stories platform as well (1).

Additionally, over the years, more and more businesses have opted to use the platform to market their services. In 2018, about 25 million businesses have used the platform to advertise (2). Also, based on a study in 2017, Instagram gets more engagement than Facebook posts fourfold (4).

Just seen in the statistics alone, one can see the potential of this site for marketing a business or practice. Add to that the tools and platform it provides to target and interact with potential clients, and you have a site worth getting into.

Posting Tips for Healthcare Practitioners

  1. Get personal. This is a good way to manage your image as a healthcare practitioner on Instagram. Let your followers know that you can be approached if they need your help in certain cases.
  2. Educate. Use the platform to relay information that many of your followers are looking for. Ideally, these nuggets of knowledge are those that are useful and can be applied to everyday scenarios.
  3. Show your expertise. Use your Instagram page to let people have an idea of your speciality in healthcare and let them know the possibilities of how you can help them. These posts can be done by discussing anonymous or imagined cases and how you would address them.

Instagram’s potential as a marketing platform is huge, given how big the user base is. Any business offering good services can harness this potential to its advantage. As a practitioner, you can do so, too, and market your practice to a wide audience while managing your image and visibility online. So as soon as you can, add Instagram for your marketing campaign.



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