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“Telling a story on your About Us page is a great way to build trust with your potential customer.” -Phil Forbes

Your website’s About Us page is a powerful tool you can use to help boost your business and get your name out there. It’s usually where your business profile is found. It’s where potential clients look to learn more about your business and your practice. While solely talking about company profiles are commonplace in the creation of the About Us page, you can optimise it so you can use it to its fullest potential.

Here are nine tips for making a great About Us page:

1. State facts instead of bold claims

Yes, you want to impress your potential clients. However, using superlatives can do the opposite. Avoid using hype to talk about your company. Instead, let the facts and figures do the talking. Tell them exactly what you bring to the table, your years of experience, and the goals you’ve achieved. Make your About Us page both impressive and believable.

2. Include your unique selling point

unique selling proposition | about us page

There are many businesses in the healthcare industry that are in the same niche as yours. To attract and build confidence with potential clients, state what sets you apart from the others.

Include your unique selling point on the About Us page and state why this is important to your company. Avoid overselling this as bold claims and hype may instil doubt instead of trust to potential clients.

3. Make it your goal to build trust

Good business relationships are forged with trust. When writing the content of your About Us Page, make it a goal to develop your potential clients’ trust. This page is what people look for when they want to know more about you and your business.

Present them your goals, strengths, mission, vision, and what you offer (products and services). Only say what is truthful as honesty is a significant component of trust.

4. Give a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes

One way you could build trust and impress your potential clients is by giving them a sneak peek of how your business runs. When you do, you’re also giving them a glimpse of the process that you work with.

With this, you can be transparent with clients as to what they can expect. At the same time, by knowing how you work, your potential clients can assess whether they want to work with you or not.

5. Share your brand’s story

Brand storytelling | about us page

It’s best to share your business’ story through the About Us page and let your potential clients know more about your company. Explain how your business came to be and share the values and principles you stand by in running the company. This way, your clients will get to know the foundation you are building your business on.

6. List your credentials

One way to gain a potential client’s trust is by listing down what you’re capable of with proof. On your About Us page, present all the relevant credentials you have as a practitioner including your expertise, experience, and certificates if there are any. By doing so, potential clients will gain confidence in you and will know if you can help them in solving their conundrums.

7. Include photos of the people behind your business

When it comes to designing your About Us webpage, consider adding pictures of the people who work with you in the business. Images tend to attract where readers look. By adding photos of the people involved in the business, you provide them with a sense of familiarity.

8. Consider what goes above the fold

When thinking of a layout for your About Us page, think about what goes above the fold. The fold is the topmost area of your web page, and this is what webpage visitors will see first. Make sure that the content of what’s above the fold is engaging enough that it will lead your readers to scroll down.

9. Always add a call to action

Set of trendy action button for web, mobile app. Template modern navigation button menu | about us page

At the bottom-most portion of your About Us page, remember to add a call to action. Lead your readers to where they should go or what they should do next. Give them a link to your shop or your services page. Alternatively, you can lead them to your social media pages for more engagement.


As with any other page on your website, your About Us page has a vital role to play. First, it introduces you and your business to potential clients. Next, it showcases your history as well as the principles you run your business with. More importantly, it shows readers why they should trust you and avail of your services. By knowing what the page is for and what this page can do for marketing your business, you can craft a great About Us page to represent you and your business.



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