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“I cannot do all the good deeds the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.” – Jana Stanfield

It’s best that we physically distance ourselves from one another at this time, yet what we are slowly realising is that we’re becoming closer than ever. How is isolation during the coronavirus pandemic bringing people together?

Humanity First

It is only a few weeks ago when we were all focused on our careers, schooling, business, etc. We worked round-the-clock, thinking we can’t spare a minute or two to greet our loved ones or catch up with friends. Time wasn’t slowing down, and neither were we. We felt like we were running a race. Now, we can’t even go to the grocery without fearing for our lives.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. No one was prepared for it. Now, we find ourselves confused and scared. There are days when a hint of panic and paranoia slowly seeps in. And yet, despite the trying times, we hang on knowing that the situation will get better. We take pride in human resilience, believing we can get through this — not alone, together.

Learning Opportunities to Ponder On 

With all the time spent at home, we’ve learned to find time to be more aware of the lives we live, the people around us, and what matters. We find ourselves reflecting more as each day passes — being more grateful and appreciative. There is an opportunity in everything, even in times of crisis. We have to be on the lookout for those opportunities. Here are some to ponder on:

  1. Being thankful and appreciative

Gratitude changes everything | opportunities

We are seeing people being more thankful and appreciative of healthcare workers (doctors. nurses), and it doesn’t stop there. People are also becoming aware of the efforts of grocery workers, trash collectors, police officers, firefighters, and other frontliners out there. It is very touching to see people finally realising how important is the work that these people do.

  1. Creating unity and community

People are organising donation programs to help frontliners to show gratefulness and appreciation. Some of the donation drives we’ve seen include face masks, gloves, other types of PPE, money, food, rental homes, and more. We now recognise frontliners as modern heroes, and in these little ways, we can give them the motivation to keep pushing.

  1. Following rules

One of the lessons we can learn from this pandemic is that we can still listen to authority and follow the rules for the betterment of our communities. During this time, we realize our fates are all interlinked. And to get through this together, everyone should put in the effort. Our governments can only do much.

  1. We are all equal

Hands stacked in unity | opportunities

No matter the social status, religion, race, country, the coronavirus does not care. Humanity has always valued these for centuries and now, we see that we’re putting so much importance on concepts that we won’t take to our graves. No amount of money can spare us from this pandemic, yet being caring and kind to each other can help us survive it.

  1. Compassion can go a long way

When we’ve finally stripped ourselves of the trivial and superficial, that’s when we can be truly compassionate to other people. Money is not an issue anymore. What we have, we will gladly share with others who are more in need. We see acts of kindness everywhere. There are no boundaries with compassion.

Nowadays, we’re checking up on our loved ones more. Our neighbours are kinder and more helpful to each other. The once toxic social media has become a venue for support groups and donation drives. Parents and children are spending more time at home. We’re learning to trust our governments more. And we’re able to reach deeper into our souls. Aren’t these opportunities a welcome gift?



Banding Together In Times of Crisis

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