• Posted by TheraSmart on January 9, 2020

It’s easy to accumulate things without being aware of it. Goody bags from an event, a drawer of stationaries we seldom use, unfiled folders of client documents, and little knick-knacks to decorate our office. 

When we become too busy with trying to get new clients or attending to our family or if we take off for long holidays–clutter can pile up and we sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed and unfocused.

Needless to say, clutter induces stress and anxiety. As wellness practitioners, we know about the effect the external world to our thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. This does not, however, insulate us from following the same pattern.


As life coaches, energy healers, therapists, and alternative health practitioners, our work greatly relies on our ability to take apart and put together little pieces of the puzzle that creates a whole picture. We do this for our clients day in and day out. Often, this leaves us drained with little time to attend to our own puzzle.

This contradiction does not make us any less competent within our profession. It makes us human. Our advantage is our self-awareness. With awareness comes processing and action.


Clutter has an impact on our energy. 

Pam Holland of Mindful Decluttering and Organizing suggested imagining that every single item in our space is attached to a tiny thread, and those threads are attached to us. If the room is full of objects that no longer bring joy, that signifies energetic ties that bring us down.

Is it possible to reduce our use of paper for client records? Are we using excessive resources for office operations? If we can pare down, why aren’t we doing it?

Cutting the threads that tether us to negative energy will give us buoyancy, lightness, and agility to act. Such a release leads to more energy to engage in new pursuits. 


We already do plenty of mental and emotional work for our clients. Adding the clutter in our head is counter-productive. 

This is why tools like TheraSmart and other productivity apps are a great opportunity to work their way into our daily routines. Automation is a gift from technology and as practitioners, freeing our mind from repetitive tasks is a step towards a more balanced life.


In one of our blogs about the predictability of happiness, experiments have shown that the abundance of options does not equate to happiness. In fact, it brings anxiety. In turn, when clients come to our office for a session and see five different chairs, we also bring forth unnecessary decision-making of where should they sit.

Setting up our workspace to have “stations” where we feel most comfortable writing, researching, accounting, and decompressing is optimizing every corner of the room. As a result, our mind is more focused to finish what we set out when we step into those stations.

Decluttering does get messy while we’re deep in it. Let’s embrace the process. In the end, the change in our space will give us peace within.

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