• Posted by TheraSmart on November 27, 2019

Personal branding is building a relationship between you and your audience whereby you are letting them get to know you as a person in relation to what you do for your business.

In essence, people want to do business with people and not necessarily “a company.” This is especially true for practitioners since what you’re offering is your personalized service. 

There’s something about human connection that develops endearment and loyalty to a business. Even the big companies have adapted to this consumer behaviour by putting a face to the brand (e.g. Jeff Bezos for Amazon and Steve Jobs for Apple). These personalities have successfully advanced the mission of their business by humanizing their products.

One example we’ve mentioned in our blog, Why Sharing Knowledge for Free Can Grow Your Business is Joy McCarthy, the founder of Joyous Health and a certified Holistic Nutritionist expert who has over 72,000 YouTube subscribers. She first shared her story of her struggles with hormonal imbalance while working a corporate job but then decided to take the leap to change her life for the better by studying nutrition to apply it to herself.

Many people resonate with her story and this has served her brand tremendously in terms of growth, recognition and loyalty.

You can position yourself as the relationship expert or the chiropractor to athletes, and leverage on that identity to target your niche audience and get quality leads. A fully realised personal brand is a huge asset which can be used to effectively market your business. 

Why should you develop your personal brand?

  1. Get the opportunity to positively influence people’s way of thinking. There is a gamut of free avenues to share your knowledge to impact clients, employees, and fellow practitioners. Social media is one of the most powerful tools that can easily be optimized to create and publish your business’ selling points. 
  2. When you put yourself out there, persuading potential clients to see what you have to offer becomes less mechanical and impersonal. Developing a personal brand leads more people to listen to you and pay attention to what you have to share every day or every week. They get the feeling that they know you on a more personal level. When there is a sense of familiarity, there is trust.
  3. The process of building your personal brand increases your confidence. When you exude positive energy while imparting your knowledge, you are then able to naturally draw people in to trust you. Trust is a crucial part of getting someone to buy what you’re selling. In addition, you’ll discover your strengths and points for improvement along the way.
  4. You provide a service based on your authenticity. Your branding is a magnified version of your personality and authority as a practitioner. When building your personal brand, it is essential to anchor it to your authentic self so that your output stays organic and naturally flowing from the get-go.

Creating and maintaining an authentic brand that resonates with your niche audience is a long-term marketing strategy that provides exponential benefits to your business. Not only are you able to form deep connections with your audience, but you’re also given a platform to do bigger projects in the future.

For those who have established their personal brand, we hope that you can share your journey with fellow practitioners in the comments section below, for all of us to grow.


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