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LinkedIn Groups is a dedicated place for sharing insights and ideas, asking for and disseminating information, and building connections for people who share common interests in the same professional sphere.  

Think social media communities like Facebook groups, only that LinkedIn, instead of being a general group where people from all walks of life discuss anything under the sun, you and your connections can post industry-related news, opinions, and your content. 


You can type in keywords such as “life coach” on the search bar and select the “In Groups” from the dropdown similar to the image below.


The results will show you the most relevant groups to your location as well as your existing connections on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Groups screen their members which means you will need to click on the request to join button and wait for the admin to approve you. 

If you have a good number of connections, you can also start your own LinkedIn group which allows you to moderate discussions and collaborate with fellow practitioners. 

Creating your own LinkedIn Group is a productive way to establish your authority as an industry leader, especially if you’re a veteran but have only started using digital channels like LinkedIn. This is common among older practitioners who are transitioning from traditional to digital networking.

When you create your group, you can set guidelines and with member qualifications by indicating the healthcare field, location of either practitioners or clients, or even by fitness and health topics. You can also maintain the quality of content by limiting member posts to solely healthcare and wellness topics. Administrators can mark content as spam or excessive business posts may be banned and reported.


Widen your circle by meeting peers 

Of all the social media sites in 2019, LinkedIn is the second-most popular platform among B2B marketers, just behind Facebook, according to Social Media Examiner. Four out of every five B2B marketers use LinkedIn, compared to 91% of B2B marketers who use Facebook. There are now over 645 million LinkedIn users. 

These numbers prove the tremendous opportunity for practitioners and entrepreneurs to cast several nets to different audiences. For TheraSmart, LinkedIn Groups serve as a listening tool for the app’s research and development team so that feature upgrades cater to specific needs of all types of practitioners.

As a business owner, LinkedIn Groups can primarily play a role in professional connection-building for project collaborations, referrals, and even sales.

Stay updated on industry information and trends 

Data on the number of healthcare professionals were shared in the article “Using LinkedIn for Healthcare Industry Jobs and Networking”.There are currently 1.5 million healthcare professionals who are registered on LinkedIn, with the following statistics in the United States:

  • 129,013 users under Medical Practice
  • 322,158 users under Hospital and Health Care
  • Over 200,000 users in the Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Over 119,000 under Medical Device industry
  • 200,000 people registered in Health Wellness and Fitness
  • Over 30,000 people in Alternative Medicine
  • Over 75,000 in Mental Health 

With the Groups feature allowing for discussions among each specific field of healthcare, it is convenient and accessible to reach out to a network of experts for queries, research, and information on the newest developments in the field. Easily post and share viewpoints, information about upcoming events, conferences, expos, research symposiums, and even new innovations. 

Build reputation and authority through content contributions

Knowledge-sharing is a huge part of reputation management. Publishing unique and insightful content about your expertise is a long-term business growth strategy that increases your online visibility. More importantly, sharing what you know establishes you/your business as the go-to source for niche information.

LinkedIn users have evolved, in that, they have learned to maximise the search feature to look for original articles, videos, and presentations to gather information. When you stay consistent with your LinkedIn content, it will be a matter of time until you have regular readers who look forward to what you have to share on all your channels.

Adaptability and agility are crucial characteristics to have and learn for entrepreneurs. Tap into every resource available and be courageous enough to explore the possibilities. 





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