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The health and wellness industry is a fountain of great business opportunities, especially with today’s culture of a raised awareness about mental health and overall wellbeing. Strategies for growing and developing one’s practice have also changed because of the accessibility of technology to more people.

Generating leads is a crucial part of business growth. Much like any trade, practitioners also implement the process of lead generation – whether it’s done through referrals, ad placements, or more traditional means like cold calls.

Lead generation campaigns and strategies can be viewed as on-going investments for practitioners. The goal is to reach a point where client acquisition efforts will eventually require minimal time, energy, and money because it will be the clients who actively seek our services. Given this goal, let’s recognise the importance of thoughtful planning and patience to zoom in on a strategy that works for the type of practice you have.

Here are a few tips that can yield quality leads and long-term benefits for your practice:

  1. Make the client booking journey as quick and straightforward as possible. A website or a simple landing page is the fastest way for potential clients to find you and book an appointment. When they land on your website, their user-experience to schedule an appointment should take as little as three steps max?

TheraSmart: The user journey for potential clients who want to book an appointment in your website

Making it easy for potential clients to immediately set a schedule or reschedule their first appointment with you is a positive experience they’ll associate with your practice, and that is always a plus.

TheraSmart provides an easy-to-install booking button for websites which automatically syncs to your Google or Outlook calendar.

  1. Have a clear call-to-action when posting about your practice on social media or other online channels. Do you want people to register for a free consult? Do you want them to message you on Whatsapp for a service quote? Is your objective for them to sign-up for a discount code? Use specific command verbs such as “Order”, “Buy”, “Download”, “Subscribe”, etc.

Setting concise and fail-safe call-to-action buttons reduces the back and forth of follow-up inquiries, thereby, growing your leads list much faster.

  1. Segment your target audience and create content based on that segment. Content marketing is a hard-working strategy with long term benefits for your practice. Content pertains to blogs, videos, e-books, and broadcasts. Keep the types of clients you have in mind when creating content.

TheraSmart: Why customer segmentation is important to generate leads for your practice

Are you looking to capture more married women? Young professionals? Corporate businesses? Determine which segment you’re speaking to and adjust your content based on that segment’s tone, behaviour, level of awareness, and information needs. Once you have your content variation, choose the most relevant channel where your content can be boosted or sponsored to reach your target audience segment.

You save more ad dollars when you’re able to target quality leads with high conversion rates in the early stages of your campaign.

  1. Explore partnerships with relevant businesses who can refer clients to you. LinkedIn and email are two of the most effective platforms to reach out to other businesses or professionals whom you want to partner with. The search bar on LinkedIn has made it affordable and easy to get email addresses you can reach out to for your partnership proposals.

A well-written email that shows how they can benefit from a collaboration with your practice should be the highlight of your message.

TheraSmart: Email and LinkedIn are powerful lead generation tools for your practice

For example, nutritionists can reach out to gyms and wellness centers for referrals where the gym gets X amount for every converted referral. Family counsellors can partner with schools or non-profits where the organisation can get a certain number of free sessions for their employees.

What’s important is that your email has to prove that the collaboration with your business is worth the resources.

  1. Incentivise referrals from current clients. If you’re in a position to offer a discount for clients who can refer a client to you, then it may be worth testing. Referrals have high conversion rates (50% more than a paid ad), which makes it a high-value lead.

 Other forms of incentives could be a free e-book which you can share via an exclusive client portal, or perhaps a set of product samples showcasing what’s in your inventory.

TheraSmart provides a client portal for easy resource sharing as well as in an inventory module to keep track of stocks.

Test out and experiment with your strategies. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

We hope these tips help you grow your list of leads. For more information on TheraSmart’s features, visit our homepage or click on the Take a Tour tab to watch the demo video.


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