• Posted by Maria Urda on April 29, 2019

I have heard the word resilience so many times. All my life I considered it a virtue that implied effort. Effort in the form of repetition, perseverance, trial, and error. All these concepts make me feel exhausted even before I start to consider being resilient in a situation.

I grew up with the belief that the critical ingredient for success and fulfilment is the amount of effort I invest. Therefore, whenever I committed to a task, whatever it had been, the most critical evaluation was the effort that I had spent for it. Today, I realize that in the past I was only happy with the outcome of a task if I had put as much effort as possible into it.

How many times did I say effort already? At least as many times as I am used to hearing it inside my head all day long.

I want to share with you that for a while now, I have started to look at things from a different perspective. And when I say things, I mean everything, every situation, every experience.

Never before I thought of intuition, inspiration, spirit or whatever you want to call it as the primary source that drives me to “succeed” or to create something from scratch. Or at least, I never perceived it as intensely as I started to do so lately.

And it is from that new place that resilience, the way I understand it now, comes from. Prior to writing this article, I was curious to look up the meaning of “resilience” in the dictionary. Not surprisingly, it confirmed what I suspected. Resilience has nothing to do with effort, which was what I had believed all the time.

Resilience: “The power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.”

So, what does resilience mean for me now? What resonates within me when I hear, read or pronounce this word?

Resilience to me means hope. Resilience means trust. Resilience implies a plethora of possibilities. It enables me to embark on and explore the journey of my soul. No matter what I choose to try out, no matter what step I decide to take next, there is no right or wrong. My attachment to the outcome is dissolving. Because of the nature of my soul, I am lead to the right starting point. Its wisdom equips me with the tools that I will need for the upcoming ride, the next adventure.

There will be times when I will feel lost, far away from the dream that I have dreamt, far away from the peace that I am longing for. There will be times when I will not understand how I have arrived at a perceived dead end. I want to share some good news. There are no such dead ends. We never arrive at dead ends. Death is always followed by birth.

In any situation, at any time. The elasticity that comes with resilience uses the ashes of the old as compost for the new. It might feel we are taken back to the starting point, which in reality is not where we started off from, but another one at a higher level on the spiral of personal growth.



My name is Maria Rosa Urda, and I practice Energy Healing. I combine techniques from ancient Mayan Shamans with writing and talk therapy. I mostly use my intuition to guide clients to where their soul needs them to be at that very moment in the session. I believe I am just a tool for the client to heal and that the real work is done by the client. I firmly trust in the innate strength of each person to make the healing process happen.

My passion is guiding people to find their purpose in life. My vision is to soon live in a society where we are all firmly connected and cooperate to increase the quality of living which brings a deeper enjoyment of life.

Contact: rosetaurda@welcomeemotions.net


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  1. Aloha Maria your article resonates with me I have nearly dies 5 times in accidents and lots of near misses, bouncing back from injuries and coming back stronger than before is familiar too me.
    For me growing up in a farming community my experience of work was something that was hard. At a workshop I was attending a few years ago I heard myself saying I had been working on myself for years!! It dawned on me what I was saying was that I had been hard on myself for years!!
    Since then I have referred to everything I do in my life as play including what I used to call work. I wake up to play for the day and go to sleep to play.

    Aloha and wellness

  2. I completely agree! Love so much the point of view of considering resilience as elasticity and no effort… our education and society has been fight fight and fight and it’s not necessary!!!!! Thanks for your important work 🙂

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